Our Mission Statement and Core Values

Vision, Mission and Core Value




Our mission is to treat both customers and employees like guests in our home and make certain our home is a place people want to be. We ensure that every transaction is guided by the principals of honesty, integrity and loyalty; and we set ourselves apart from other automotive retailers by having a transparent, enjoyable and fair process in all of our business practices.




Our vision is to be the best automotive organization in the USA, where customer expectations are exceeded; employees are engaged;
the community is served; and our business reputation is infused with integrity and fun.




INTEGRITY GUIDES OUR BUSINESS every day. We must always work with our team members, our customers and our business partners in an ethical, courteous and professional manner.


Work should be ENJOYABLE, ACCOUNTABLE and CONSISTENT every day. To achieve individual and organizational potential we must enjoy what we are doing and have clear definition regarding what needs to be done.


ENGAGED EMPLOYEES will result when they are treated with honesty, clarity and respect by management and fellow team members. These engaged employees will create a great environment for our customers.


We believe in creating LONG TERM CUSTOMER LOYALTY . One where customers enjoy their time at each of our stores and encourage their friends and family to do the same.


We believe in providing COMMUNITY SERVICE . We will make the community a better place and improve ourselves in the process. Profits that are hoarded are dead, profits that are shared with those less fortunate will grow far beyond a balance sheet.


We believe in making LONG TERM DECISIONS, DAILY. We will grow our business not by taking short cuts or looking for the quick fix, but by fostering relation­ships with our employees, customers and business partners that are built on trust, dedication and commitment.


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